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Membership Requirements
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CFA Membership Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Affiliate Membership

The affiliate member class is for an individual who has all of the qualifications for regular membership except that the person (1) Be accepted as an Affiliate Member of CFA Institute  (2) Fulfill the sponsorship requirements as outlined in Article III, Section 4  (3) Have one year of Acceptable Professional Work Experience as provided in the CFA Society of Dallas-Fort Worth by-laws and fall within one or more of the occupational categories listed here, and (4) Be currently or previously enrolled as a candidate in the CFA Program.

Requirements for Regular Membership 

The following are categories that a candidate's work experience must relate to:

  • Corporate pension fund sponsors,
  • Options and futures analysts and managers,
  • Quantitative analysts,
  • Venture capital analysts and managers,
  • Corporate financial officers,
  • Investor relations officers,
  • Capital budgeting and other financial analysts,
  • Utility analysts and regulators,
  • Current CFA candidates,
  • Academicians from related fields.

CFA Charter and Regular Membership Guidelines - CFA Institute

 Each person hereafter admitted as a regular member shall:  

  • hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited academic institution or have equivalent education or work experience;
  • have either:
    • four years experience in financial analysis as defined in the CFADFW by-laws, and has passed Chartered Financial Analyst Examination I ("CFA I"), or;
    • six years of acceptable professional work experience in financial analysis and passed a self-administered ethics examination in a format established and approved by the Board of Governors of the CFA Institute, or;
  • at the time of admission as a regular member, satisfy at least one of the following requirements:
    • a person occupying the position of professor (including assistant or associate professor) or dean of a college or university who is currently teaching or conducting research in the field of financial analysis and/or investments, or,
    • is a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder, or,
    • is a regular member of the CFA Institute and a regular member of another CFA Institute society, or,
    • is currently engaged as an economist in the field of financial analysis process, or,
    • is currently engaged principally in the occupation of financial analysis as related to securities investment management of corporate pension, profit sharing or similar funds, or,
    • is currently engaged principally in the occupation of financial analysis as related to securities investment management for a public agency, or,
    • is currently engaged principally in the occupation of financial analysis and has admistrative, or executive duties related to securities investment as an employee, officer or partner of a bank, insurance company, securities firm, financial publishing house or other similar organization.  

Additional Requirement for Membership No person shall become a regular or affiliate member of the Corporation, or CFA Institute who has not signed a Member's Agreement, and Member's Conduct Statement as provided in the CFA Institute By-Laws Article 9, Section 2 and Article 10, Section 2, which attest, among other things, that the member has carefully read the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards and has disclosed fully any prior violation and pending regulatory or other proceedings relating to his or her conduct.