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Welcome to the CFA Society of Dallas-Fort Worth!

Putting Investors First Month: May 2014

This event is our Society’s contribution to CFA Institute’s “Putting Investors First” Month. Please attend and bring your clients as guests so they can hear why our members always seek to “Put Investors First.”

Putting Investors First Month is a global initiative created by financial professionals who place the interests of investors above their own, and to build awareness of the fiduciary duty to protect investor interests. The event is presented by CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence and credentials. Putting Investors First Month features a series of events and outreach throughout the month of May, hosted by hundreds of CFA Institute members and many of the organization’s 140 member societies worldwide. Putting Investors First Month is part of the Future of Finance project, a long-term global effort to shape a trustworthy, forward-thinking financial industry that better serves society. For more information about Putting Investors First, visit


Letter from the President

Welcome to the new CFA/DFW website! We hope that you enjoy the new look and increased functionality. We are in the process of activating certain features on the website. If you have any problems registering for events, please email
We’ve had a great year so far, with a variety of interesting programs and social events, and more to come in the spring. In response to your input, we will be adding several exciting opportunities in the spring.

First, we are starting a series of affinity group lunches. These informal networking sessions, some with speakers and/or panels, will bring together members with common interests. Registration emails will be coming soon for the first of these, targeted at Women in Finance. Watch for others, and if you don’t see a group meeting that fits your needs, please suggest one.

We will also be offering a lower cost multi-event ticket, at $100 for three luncheons or receptions. Higher costs and reduced contributions from CFA Institute has forced a meeting price increase this year, so we hope this will be an attractive alternative. Please find this option available when registering for lunch and reception events.

Finally, our Annual Forecast Dinner on February 13th will be followed by the first ever CFA Societies of Texas Investor Symposium on the 14th and the Annual Texas Investment Portfolio Symposium (TIPS) & CFA Research Challenge on the 15th. We look forward to seeing you at these events.

With warm wishes for a wonderful New Year,

Marilyn Wiley
President, CFA/DFW


The CFA designation recognizes knowledge, skills, and abilities in security analysis and portfolio management, emphasizing the highest ethical and professional standards. To learn more about the CFA designation and program, contact CFA Institute

This Just In...


CFA: The Gold Standard

"The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification is roughly equivalent to a specialized postgraduate finance degree, including a mixture of economics, ethics, law, and accountancy. It is much liked by employers in financial services. Whereas there are tens of thousands of finance degrees available around the world, ranging from the excellent to the worthless, there is only one CFA, managed and examined by an American association of financial professionals, the CFA Institute."

The Economist, 2/26/2005